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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The old order

In Europe the last years, we have seen the growth of nationalism; in both the good and the bad term. We have the Scottish nationalism- the wish for independence and the need for self-government, and we have the British, French, Greek etc nationalism- the anti-EU attitude, hate towards immigrants, and what most non-nationalists describes as people who does not know any better, and will bring upon their own destruction (like Germany in the 30s). In GB, which is this articles concern, UKIP (UK Independence party) creates a headache for the Labour and Conservatives. These two parties, who since the Depression days (the period which created Nazi Germany), has had up to 90% percent of the votes and thereby had the opportunity to form a one-party government without much trouble (because for example Labour could get 60%), now has to include the liberals- and even perhaps UKIP after this election- in their government.

GB has, as we know, a really old out-dated voting system (some would say), and each voting district only has one representant. Thereby will 51% liberal votes only give one liberal representant, and the 49% other votes will be ignored. When parties like UKIP suddenly receives lots of votes in certain districts, and they get people in the Parliament- never heard of in UK history before-, big parts of the UK system suddenly has to realize that the Labour or Conservative days are over.

Why do many people vote for UKIP? They are against the EU (they don't like non-brits in Brussel governing them), and against immigration.  The English system is in many ways stuck in the medieval age. The lords and the old conservatives are terrified because the UKIP wants to throw away the old system, where Hereditary lords, heirs to medieval warriors, can still vote on legislation in a 21st century democracy; they want do replace the House of Lords with a proportional representative senate. Is this bad? I do not think so. That does not mean UKIP is the solution (because they are nationalist scumbags- my personal opinion). However, old UK may be falling down- and a new reality is upon them. With possible Scottish independence within a century, and a nationalist party growing in old England, the old order is threatened. 

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  1. Interesting conclusion! It is old tradition vs new age I guess. When they have more parties the old system does seem unfair to the smaller political parties. Will be interesting to see what happens here.